Access violation at runtime - posting in case this helps

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Access violation at runtime - posting in case this helps

Postby JonPerkins » Mon May 11, 2015 12:59 pm

I've recently renewed my subscription to IA (X2, build 12.13.14) and am currently rebuilding a setup project from scratch which had drifted a bit over several years as changes were made. As before I chose the "Attractive" theme, then I added the various application files, runtimes and so on - but when I went to run it on a virgin Windows 7 Professional (fully updated) it crashed with "Runtime error in setup script. Source file {the main one]. Line number: 58. Access violation at 0045BCFC in module [myappname.exe]. Read of address 00000010." The line number here related to the loading of the progressprereq dialog, so (to summarise several hours trial and error of different things) I unticked it from the Dialogs page and the setup program then proceeded until the main progress dialog, at which point a similar thing happened. I realised the similarity between these specific two dialogs as being the AVI animation in the right-hand corner (which is provided by "blue.avi" which was present in the build folder), so I deleted the animation control in both dialogs and it all works fine now. I'm pretty sure I haven't actually deleted anything, and the problem doesn't present itself when the setup program is run in the debugger on my dev machine. However, I spent some time in this forum and on Google trying to find the cause of this problem and could find none, so I have posted it here so that it will find it's way into the search engines. Also, of course, to make IA aware of it. :)

Also, while I'm at it (again, after failing to find this on Google myself) - there is an apparent problem (discussed in other threads but not resolved that I could see) with setting the color of a Label in the dialog editor in that it always appear to stay dark grey, even when viewing the dialog in Test mode. If anybody discovers this, then be advised that the actual color you have selected does actually appear when you run it for real, just not in the dev environment.

And finally, my sliding dialog transitions didn't "just work" without some modification in the MSI code, I had to add the following three lines to the bottom of the [Check Application Pre-Requisites] section:
Set Variable FX to SLIDE
Set Variable FXTIME to 800

I hope these are of some help to people when setting up a new project.

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