Different encodings for INI and TXT files

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Different encodings for INI and TXT files

Postby luapej » Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:04 am

I will just report my findings, so somebody else do not need to spend weeks to find a solution.

As we moved from IA 15 to IA X3 our wizard stopped to work in some parts. We did know that IA X3 is working with UTF8 without BOM. However, to change the encoding of the files to UTF8 without BOM did not help. It worked in some places but not in other places.
I tried with ANSI, Windows-1252 and I got it the other way around.
After looking carefully, I found out it’s about the fil-type. Therefor I do know this for IA X3 to make it possible to read text files:
• INI file type shall be saved in ANSI, Windows1252
• TXT file type shall be saved in UTF8 without BOM, (seems to work with BOM as well)

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