Installing into custom folder

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Installing into custom folder

Postby hrolesen » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:15 am

My question is pretty simple, but I can’t find appropriate instructions on how to accomplish what I want to do.
I wish to install some supporting files in a folder of the user’s choice.
So I create a define a variable, PROJECTPATH, and initialize it in the MSI script, so it is set to the value $MYBOOTPATH$\MyProjectData
In the dialogue editor I adjust a copy of the ‘destination’ dialogue, so the “Receive Information” field is set to [Written variable value], and the dialogue writes values to the variable PROJECTPATH.
Thus, the user gets a dialogue box where he can choose whatever folder he wishes, and the result is returned in $PROJECTPATH$
But how do I get my files copied into that folder? I suppose it should be done from the Files windows under Setup Architecture, but it won’t let me use the variable PROJECTPATH. How can that be achieved?

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