Missing Taskbar Icon and Duplicate shortcut created

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Missing Taskbar Icon and Duplicate shortcut created

Postby glenharvy » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:49 pm


My X6 IA project has the following section immediately before the Apply Install command. The project is entirely NATIVE_ENGINE:

[DEFINE REGION: Creat Shortcuts]
label: Create Shortcuts
Set Variable PROGRESSTEXT to Creating Shortcuts
Write into Text File $MyLOG$ from Value $DATE$ $TIME$ | Creating Shortcuts (at end of file)
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MyCourts.exe
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Help to $TARGETDIR$\MyCourts.chm
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Reports to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MyCourtsReports.exe
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Manager to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MCManager.exe
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Check for Updates to $TARGETDIR$_BIN\MCCheckForUpdates.exe, run as administrator
Create Shortcut $STARTUPDIR$\MyCourts Manager to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MCManager.exe
Create Shortcut $DESKTOPDIR$\MyCourts to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MyCourts.exe
Create Shortcut $DESKTOPDIR$\MyCourts Manager to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MCManager.exe
if Variable Client not Equals (Ignore Case) TRUE
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Administrator to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MyCourtsAdmin.exe, run as administrator
Create Shortcut $SHORTCUTFOLDER$\MyCourts Support to $TARGETDIR_BIN$\MCSupport.exe
<<Code Folding Region>>

The resultant menu:
Win10 Shortcuts
NewShortcuts.png (45.16 KiB) Viewed 1124 times

There are two issues that I am having. The first issue is the duplicated shortcut for MyCourts Administrator.

The major issue I have spent weeks on is the fact that the program pointed to by the MyCourts link fails to load it's icon into the taskbar. There is a lengthy discussion at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46701983/application-icon-is-blank-when-started-from-process-start?noredirect=1#comment80688860_46701983. When running the link "As Administrator" the icon is displayed in the taskbar.

Notice the missing icon for MyCourts with the MyCourts Administrator icon displaying correctly.
Missing icon
missingicon.png (8.7 KiB) Viewed 1124 times

I note that the MyCourts shortcut is is not designated as "new". I am probably grasping at straws but why is this so? If the OS can decide if it's new or not indicates that somewhere there is a record of a previous shortcut in existence even if it is marked 'closed'!

If I rename the program to anything other than MyCourts.exe OR copy the program to another directory and then run it or create shortcuts, the icon is correctly displayed in the taskbar.

Searching Microsoft et al reveals this is a rare occurrence solved apparently by re-installing the operating system! Clearing the icon cache doesn't help or work either.

In essence, it appears this missing icon in the taskbar issue is caused by the creation of the shortcut. If I don't use IA to create the shortcut and I do it manually (or via code) using IWshRuntimeLibrary it works OK however IWshRuntimeLibrary has its limitations and is not really an option.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly welcomed.

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