"Install Service" command not working

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"Install Service" command not working

Postby mikeblas » Sun May 20, 2018 6:28 pm


I'm using installAware Studio X7, and I'm unable to get the "Install Service" command to work. The command executes and produces no output at runtime, but my service isn't installed. The command I'm using looks like this:

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Install Service #PROJ_ROOT#\release\MyService.exe to $TARGETDIR$ as My Service Name

I'm sure that the statement executes in my script because I've placed MessageBox calls just before and just after it. After my setup script runs, no new services are installed.

#PROJ_ROOT# is a compiler variable set to point at my build directory. $TARGETDIR$ is set to point at the target installation directory. MyService.EXE is installed with an "Install Files" command with the same parameters earlier in the script. All my other files are installed with similar Intall Files commands, so I know the $TARGETDIR$ and #PROJ_ROOT# symbols work just fine.

If I run an "sc create" command with the appropriate parameters, I have no problem installing my service.

How can I get collect error information from my InstallAware script in order to diagnose this problem?

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