Plug-In Update Package: Re-Revised

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Plug-In Update Package: Re-Revised

Postby sinan » Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:46 am

The Plug-In Update Packages referred to in these forum posts:

have been revised. Please download the latest packages here: ... Update.exe [single file download, 66.4 MB] ... %20Web.exe [web based download, 1.46 MB - 65.9 MB]


    a) If you previously installed the update pack, do not manually uninstall it. Let the installer of the revised version uninstall it for you.
    b) If you have uninstalled the previous update pack manually (using Control Panel Add-Remove or by running the update pack installer and choosing uninstall), first repair your InstallAware installation, and then install the revised update pack.

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