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Dotnet plugin: Passing variables from IA.

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:58 am
by bokkie
In CompileTimeTest is a method called DesignTimeEdit. It's called twice: once when you drag the plugin onto the MSIcode window; and the second time if you select the statement and press enter.

If you observe the MessageBox statement's usage, when you press enter when it's selected it lets you select a variable from the "Return Result in Variable" dropdown list.

In a Dotnet plugin, there's no parameter in DesignTimeEdit that lets you select a variable. Is it possible to pass some value back for use in the MSIcode window? You can do it in the DemoLib plugin assembly when you build or run the setup. I suspect that you can do nothing to see variables at design time using CompileTimeTest but I just wanted to make sure you can't.

Edit: DesignTimeEdit has a state parameter input and a newState ref parameter. CompileTimeBuild has a state parameter. Do you think that's intended to pass a value back in design time and it's then passed to CompileTimeBuild when you build and run the setup? It looks like it could do that where passing a variable isn't possible at design time? Does the state and newState parameters have any other use in IA except for passing something from design to build/run?

Re: Dotnet plugin: Passing variables from IA.

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:46 am
by glenharvy