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MD5 Fingerprints plugin (Freeware)

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 4:02 pm
by casic
This simple plug-in retrieves the MD5 fingerprint of a file. MD5 fingerprints (checksums) are always 32 chars long and provides a (nearly) unique fingerprint of any file or data. This can be very useful if you would like to check the version of a file without having version information (e.g. text-files, pictures...).

You can download mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE here...

For more information please visit the official product site:

English: mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE
German: mdPLUGINS for InstallAWARE

If you have any suggestions or comments please post to this thread so I get notified :-) or use the forum at (English/German).