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Show Finish on Cancel

Postby sinan » Mon Sep 19, 2005 4:09 pm

Recent InstallShield setups, when cancelled, display a Finish dialog; whereas most setups, when cancelled, simply exit (after confirmation, of course).

InstallAware setups display the Finish dialog only if the setup was cancelled during the file copy (Apply (un)Install) phase. Of course, everything in InstallAware is fully customizable, so we went ahead and created a sample script that shows the Finish dialog any time setup is cancelled (even before copying files). You may download the sample script here: ... ancel.7zip [71 KB]
(if you need an un-7zipper, you may try CompreXX at )

The sample, instead of calling Terminate Install when it detects a cancel, simply fast-forwards the installation to the part that shows the Finish dialog (after setting the global SUCCESS variable to CANCEL). Makes for a nice twist on your InstallAware setups! Feel free to change your existing setups, or build new ones using the example above.

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