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Runtime for MySQL Connector/Net that I created.

Posted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:28 am
by qstarin
Hi, I've been evaluating installers, and playing with InstallAware a lot. This thing is awesome!! Blows the competition away.

I wanted to see how I would bundle installation of the MySQL Connector/Net, as it is a prerequisite for some of our applications.

I started by simply copying the way the .Net Framework 3.0 runtime scripts worked. Then I implemented the rtm file according to the guidelines here: ... s_view.pdf

So, I thought someone else may eventually find it useful.

It only installs if there is no equal or later version installed, as tested by the registry key (which is how the mysql installer checks for incompatible old versions of itself, it seems). The GUID Product Code is in a comment in the check script if someone prefers to modify it to check that instead.

The that is bundled is the download from the official MySQL site processed with the Setup Decompressor.

It is for the latest version as of today - 6.2.2.

File Attached:

MySQL Connector Net 6.2.2 Runtime.7z