[Theme] TitaniumArmor

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[Theme] TitaniumArmor

Postby Weatherlights » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:14 am

I just was in the mood to create a cool theme. It is basicly a recreation of a theme I once made for a download wizard. Since I still had nearly all the elements that were included I decided to make a theme for InstallAware.

It is basicly 'based' (it looks very much like it but since I didn't knew the theme at that time it is not really based on it) on the Titanium skin and was by inspired the modern InstallShield Theme.

  • Supports automatic translation
  • Supports an index.htm-file during the installation
  • Buttons that were designed for the theme
  • Of course free to use

The Setup was made with PackagerFortheweb... not that I do not like InstallAware... I just didn't want to create an entire installer for it (maybe I do that later) :).
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