InstallAware v5.0 Public Beta

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InstallAware v5.0 Public Beta

Postby sinan » Fri Dec 02, 2005 8:19 am

The Public Beta of InstallAware v5.0 is here!

What's New:

    Write Registry Command with expanded parameters
    Check Registry Command to test if a registry key exists
    Collapse and Expand Options for all code folding regions
    • Emitting Application Version Information to setup.exe files
    Application Runtimes visual view in IDE to visually manage your pre-requisites
    SQL Server 2005 plug-in to automatically install Microsoft SQL Server Express
    Updated Templates, Wizards, and Samples compatible with the new visual runtimes
    Transform Instance command to spawn new instances of a product
    • New Pre-Defined Variables that can be used with transformed instances and versioning
    New Commands that detect running services and processes
    Updated IDE and Command Line Tools that work with include scripts
    Fixed .NET version detection issues in the new plug-in packages
    Copy as Text option to make it easier to copy human readable script code
    Welcome Page in IDE with helpful links and recent projects
    Multiple Scripts in IDE to edit and work with more than one script
    Code Navigation in IDE to rapidly view and browse sections of your setup scripts
    Include Scripts command to use includes for frequently used script actions
    Database Import Wizard to convert MSI/MSM files into InstallAware scripts
    Updated Plug-Ins to support the latest Microsoft technologies
    Speed Enhancements in the IDE, compiler, and runtime files

The most exciting feature in this version is the ability to use include scripts. This adds a great level of power to InstallAware, in a way that was not possible before.

The include scripts technology has been leveraged to create a new visual view that manages the installation of application runtimes. You may now check and uncheck any selection of application runtimes and your setup scripts will be automatically updated to work with them. Checking a runtime that has further dependencies will automatically check those dependencies as well.

Another very exciting feature is the ability to install multiple instances of a product, with a single scripting command. No instance transforms are required, and Windows Installer 3.0 is not required either.

Finally, the Windows Installer converter lets you reverse engineer any MSI or MSM database and convert it to an InstallAware setup. This lets you customize existing packages or take peeks at what they do.

A Studio evaluation download is now available for this product: ... io_sfx.exe - 201 MB download, single file "offline" setup ... studio.exe - 27.1 MB download, web based "online" setup, total download may reach 205 MB


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