InstallAware 5.0 Saves you Time, Money, and Bandwidth

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InstallAware 5.0 Saves you Time, Money, and Bandwidth

Postby sinan » Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:59 pm

1 in 5 current InstallAware users switched from InstallShield, the other 80% saved themselves some time and $2,019.

Save yourself time: Rapidly design your installation using InstallAware's visual installation editors. If you need to fine tune behavior or add in custom logic, switch to the code view. When you switch back to the visual view, the unique roundtripping IDE keeps your changes in sync, and vice versa. Install runtimes such as the new Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express edition with a single click.

Save yourself money: InstallAware is available in four editions with prices starting at $199 (and even less if you're upgrading from InstallShield/Wise/ZeroG products). Our recommended Studio edition at only $899 is $1,600 cheaper than InstallShield Premier priced at $2,499. Throw in a crossgrade discount and our exclusive 20% early bird discount, and you could save a total of $2,019!

Save yourself bandwidth: InstallAware employs superior compression algorithms that reduce package sizes up to 67%. The new Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express, when deployed with InstallAware, is 40% smaller. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 with Service Pack 1, when deployed with InstallAware, is 67% smaller. Just repacking your setup with InstallAware will save you tremendous amounts of bandwidth.

To order, click here:

Use this special early bird discount coupon to take 20% off your entire order:

If you are upgrading from InstallShield, Wise, or ZeroG products, choose the "Crossgrade" option when ordering, and take an additional 30% off your entire order.

And you'll be well on your way to building reliable, compact Windows Installer setups at the leading edge of setup technologies with state of the art features like Flash/HTML billboards, partial web deployment, and more.

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