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Extending the Application Runtimes View

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:05 pm
by MichaelNesmith
InstallAware version 5.0 introduces a new Application Runtimes visual view which lets the setup author add or remove application runtimes that are required by his/her installation with a single click on a checkbox. This view is intelligent - it automatically selects any nested runtimes required by the chosen runtime, sets conditions for hardware and software requirements, runs custom scripts that detect the presence of the runtime and install it if necessary, and even provides an optional configuration mechanism that tweaks the settings for the runtime being installed.

This view can be customized without any programming work. Unlike writing an InstallAware plug-in DLL or a custom format DLL, both of which have been ways to extend the InstallAware environment in previous versions, this customization can be done entirely in InstallAware. This article describes the open specifications for extending the new Application Runtimes visual view in InstallAware v5.0. ... s_view.pdf