MacOS version of Installaware Express

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MacOS version of Installaware Express

Postby BruceEglington » Thu May 30, 2024 7:09 am

Good day
it is not clear from the website whether there is an Express edition of Installaware suitable for use to install MacOS programs. I presume that this will be a multi-platform version although the splash screen for Express X16 states MacOs but there is nothing supported.

If there is an Express edition that will also install to MacOS, what is the base price?



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Re: MacOS version of Installaware Express

Postby JohnGaver » Fri Jun 21, 2024 2:28 pm

InstallAware Multi Platform is a brand-new, single edition offering for all three platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows).

It has a feature set somewhere between the Studio and Studio Admin editions of InstallAware for Windows Installer.

It is possible to buy a single platform edition (only Linux, macOS, or Windows) for 1/3rd the price of the full product. This would get your pricing pretty close to Express.

Just reach out to sales for details.
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