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WiX Export of MSICode - Supported?

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:38 pm
by dirvin
Currently evaluating InstallAware 18, but I'm a little confused as to the capabilties for automation. Is there WiX export capabilities of the MSICode? What happened to the WIXAware product?

Essentially I'm curious what my options are. I have multiple platform build servers for different products, and I want to automate the MSI creation along with my nightly builds. If there was WiX output from InstallAware 18, I could easily do that - and for a price point that my management wouldn't balk at. Or is there a "redistributable" that is packaged when I buy a copy of InstallAware 18 that allows me to put something on my build servers, so after they do their normal thing (check out, compile, etc), they may then grab the MSICode and build the MSI.

What is the MSI build automation support?



Re: WiX Export of MSICode - Supported?

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:05 pm
by FrancescoT
Dear Dirvin,

WIXAware is a discontinued product.

Anyway, what you are searching for can be released using "InstallAware Automation Interface".

InstallAware ships with an automation interface that can be used to programmatically emit and build complete setup projects. The automation interface is available as both a standard Win32 DLL, callable from any Windows application, and as a COM object, for use in ASP scripts on a web server. Use the interface that is most convenient for your project requirements.

Example projects as well as documentation for the .NET assembly, C++ and COM, are located in the Automation\Examples folder inside your InstallAware installation folder.

Hope this helps you.