Does InstallAware 9 import Wise InstallMaster 8.1 scripts?

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Does InstallAware 9 import Wise InstallMaster 8.1 scripts?

Postby MickyP » Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:39 pm

I'm currently evaluating options for our installer software. We predominantly install to Windows Servers (Windows 2000/2003). Installations for client machines are less complex. We have a substantial investment in Wise InstallMaster 8.1 scripts (eg main server install script is 250+ A4 pages) and therefore are looking for solutions that can work with that investment. We use Compile Time and Run Time variables - at the moment we have hit a 500 variable limit and have to work-around this boundary. In moving forward we are obviously looking for what products are available that can utilise this existing investment in scripts. Does InstallAware 9 import Wise InstallMaster 8.1 scripts without problems? If so, does it allow for more than 500 variables to be used?


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Postby CandiceJones » Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:55 pm

Hi Mike,

InstallAware will let you use any number of compiler and runtime variables.

We also have two fully automated conversion methods for Wise setups - one translates the script literally, the other converts the files/registry/other settings into a ready-to-build setup (while losing script logic). The disadvantage of the former is that you need to inject some additional code to make up for the differences in technology.

That said, you've got a VERY big script to convert and I'm sure there'll be problems due to differences in setup design and technology. Normally these are minor, but with 250 pages, it will still take an effort.

I think InstallAware would still offer you the best migration path moving forward, as between our two import tools, you should be able to quickly get a prototype running with InstallAware, and incrementally add in everything that broke in the process.
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