Differences in Pro and Ent. versions

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Differences in Pro and Ent. versions

Postby Ishana » Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:07 pm

I am trying to decide on between Professional and Enterprise versions.
Can someone please explain what these are and where they can be used?

These are the factors that I didn’t understand from the two versions listed above.

If there was direct links to each of these, I wouldn’t be asking. I know the guys at mimar are probably busy and don’t have time to create a product matrix that explains every such detail so I am asking here.

Service Support - Is this InstallAware product support?
Database Support - Is this for applications that use DB’s?
Compiler Directives - ?
Manual ICE Validation - ?
Automation Interface - Where and how would I need to use this?
Web Applications - ?
Redistributable Build Interface - ?
Web Based Automation Interface - ?

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Postby sinan » Mon Dec 06, 2004 6:11 pm

Hi Again,

Service Support: Installing and configuring Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 services.

Database Support: Installing and configuring ODBC data sources and drivers.

Compiler Directives: They are like IFDEF statements for your installation script. You can customize your setup at build time (either from the IDE or the command line) using compiler variables. This helps you create multiple different setups (say, different product flavors/editions) from a single installation script. For example, InstallAWARE Pro/Enterprise have the same setup script. And compiler variables are used at build time to include/exclude the Enterprise files based on the version being built.

Manual ICE Validation: A stand-alone tool to validate your MSI databases against the XP/2000 logo requirements.

Automation Interface: This is a way to create setup scripts from an external program (outside the IA IDE). You would essentially "emit" a setup script from your own EXE and then build it. Most authors have no need for this. But its useful for creating customized installers from webpages, etc...

Web Applications: Helps you install files directly into IIS folders.

Redistributable Build Interface: The license lets you distribute IA components so you can build your installs on end-user systems without purchasing additional IA licenses for those systems. Again, something most users don't have much need for.

Web Based Automation Interface: Lets you call the automation interface from a web page through a COM object.

Please let me know if you have more questions. If you describe the type of application you plan to install, I might be able to suggest a version for you as well.

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