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Windows Installer is easy with InstallAware

The easiest way to build Microsoft Windows Installer (.MSI) packages.

"InstallAware has certainly come a long way in a short time and should have the competition watching closely. Just one or two key features may be reason enough for many to make a switch, but more so is the simple focus of the tool." -Bob Kelly,

Discover why so many software developers are switching to InstallAware! Download the Free Trial or Check Out the Full Product Review. With advanced capabilities and time saving features, InstallAware is an indispensable tool in the developer's toolkit.

Customizable Update Delivery: Looks and feels just like Windows Update. Takes the pain out of shipping updates to your users. Comes with full source code, so you can customize the dialogs, or the update logic. Ship incremental patches or full blown application updates to your end-users.

Ready for Windows 8: Create setups that install on Windows 8. Why pay again for a setup tool when a new operating system is released? Build upgrade-ready packages today with InstallAware.

Painless Runtime Installer: Worried about installing bulky technology runtimes, such as .NET and SQL Server? InstallAware 15 automatically adds runtime dependencies, compresses runtime files up to 67% better, and even separates the runtimes from your main installation file, so your setups are bloat free. Complex tasks like checking for/installing a specific SQL Server instance are a single click with InstallAware's runtime installer.

Eliminate Custom Actions: Just describe your MSI package using an intuitive, conditionally flowing setup script, and let InstallAware worry about generating an MSI package that gets the job done right. Forget about custom actions, installer classes, and having to write custom code for your installation program. InstallAware's unique MSIcode scripting language contains all setup functionality built-in, from configuring IIS sites to installing drivers!

Business Intelligence: InstallAware is the only installer that makes it a snap to fully customize your setup wizard. Pop a few edit buttons/combo boxes on your wizard dialogs, and capture/submit any kind of information from your end-users directly in your installer! Passing data between the setup wizard and the MSIcode script is fully automatic!

Simplify Your Projects: Do you maintain multiple projects for similar products? Use the MSIcode Compiler Variables to conditionally compile your setups, producing installers customized at build time from one master setup project. Simplify your life and get the job done quicker with InstallAware!

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Boost Your Productivity

  • Visual Designer automatically generates installation scripts
  • MSIcode view provides complete access to the heart of the installation
  • Automatically create logo compliant MSI packages from MSIcode

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility

  • Write your own scripts instead of populating MSI tables
  • Easily deploy setup components from the web or a network drive
  • Select from a variety of wizards, projects, tools, and templates

Create Impressive Setups

  • Interactive progress dialogs with Flash/HTML billboards
  • Choice of 17 setup themes for stunning user interfaces
  • Sophisticated dialog editor with a rich set of controls
  • Superior compression optimized for binary code

Extensive Support Resources

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What Do Our Customers Say About InstallAware?

Using InstallAware’s MSIcode, we have drastically reduced the need for creating custom plug-ins. Our InstallAware setup dynamically defines the features and files to be installed. Instead of building, maintaining, and shipping separate installers for all the languages, IDEs, and product editions that we offer, we are now able to build and deliver a single install image. This has dramatically reduced our integration workload along with reducing our costs. Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist at CodeGear

I know absolutely nothing about creating Windows Installer installations but with InstallAware I don't need to. It's so easy to get quickly up and running with InstallAware. David Clegg, eBetOnline

InstallAware is a one-of-a-kind product. I searched high and low for a solution to provide the ability to download and install runtimes from the Internet only if they are needed. InstallAware was the only program I could find that offered this for all the runtimes needed. Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media

InstallAware is the best MSI based installer available at this time. As software developers we really like the ability to drop down to the InstallAware scripting level which is still quite easy to use yet flexible enough for our complex tasks. Most MSI based installers that we looked at were difficult to use because of a lack of ability to drop down to a scripting style model and were expensive to boot. Jim Gunkel, Nevrona Systems

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