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Open Letter to Stefan Krueger

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Dear Stefan,


As you know, I have been asking you to undertake a competitive analysis of InstallAware and InstallShield products since day one. You have never responded to these requests for reasons unknown to me.


We have been shipping a unique product with features unmatched in the industry for three years now. We compress MSI packages 67% better - who doesn't want that? We offer partial web deployment to strip off application runtimes and still deliver independent installs that can run without an Internet connection. We invented MSIcode - arguably or most important innovation - which takes the rocket science out of Windows Installer, and lets you build intelligent MSI packages with branching codeflow and execution. InstallAware had and still has these unique features since 2004 - and that is nothing to say of the benefits we have added since. However, as an industry expert, you have consistently declined to give us any coverage.


I am pleased that indeed, today, we are getting the coverage that we deserve, albeit in the form of bad press. The same Stefan who would not write an iota of text about InstallAware's time and money saving benefits on his website has put up extensive, even historical comparisons of our websites, and that of the competition.


I have hundreds of customers switching from InstallShield, complaining that they paid InstallShield more for upgrades than their new InstallAware license, and begging us to get the word out about InstallAware, so other users get to hear about us before wasting their money. All these users have the same story: that InstallAware worked out-of-the-box for them, and with InstallShield, they went through multiple painful upgrade cycles, none of which solved their problem.


Hopefully, this will at least get some more people to notice us, and download our trials. Unlike our competition, we do not have a multi-million dollar marketing budget. In this space dominated so extensively by the competition, it has been very hard to get any coverage of the true benefits that our product holds, or at least have it stand out from the marketing fluff that the competition puts out on a regular basis.


I will happily admit that we invest our customer's money in making our actual products better. We do not waste our customer's money on expensive website designs, or other "luxury" marketing spending. Every dime we get paid goes back into our products and research - and it shows.


Thank you for finally giving us some coverage, Stefan.



Sinan Karaca


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