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The Easy Install Builder: InstallAware

InstallAware is the easiest install builder available today. It completely isolates you from all aspects of Windows Installer databases while generating fully logo compliant, pure Windows Installer setups.

If you are looking for an easy to use install builder, InstallAware is your best choice. It lets you rapidly build your MSI based installation using its visual IDE pages. When you need more power, you may switch to the code view, and precisely craft branching execution logic for your installation.

Both the code and visual views are always integrated - changes you make in one view will always be visible in another, allowing you to rapidly prototype your setup programs in the revolutionary two-way integrated IDE.

What's best, InstallAware is the only install builder that offers you Genuine Scripting for Windows Installer. Read more about this unique technology and how it cuts down your development time. Click here to download our install builder technology whitepaper (available as a PDF file) or Download Your Free 14 day Trial today!

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What Do Our Customers Say About InstallAware?

Using InstallAware’s MSIcode, we have drastically reduced the need for creating custom plug-ins. Our InstallAware setup dynamically defines the features and files to be installed. Instead of building, maintaining, and shipping separate installers for all the languages, IDEs, and product editions that we offer, we are now able to build and deliver a single install image. This has dramatically reduced our integration workload along with reducing our costs. Allen Bauer, Chief Scientist at CodeGear

I know absolutely nothing about creating Windows Installer installations but with InstallAware I don't need to. It's so easy to get quickly up and running with InstallAware. David Clegg, eBetOnline

InstallAware is a one-of-a-kind product. I searched high and low for a solution to provide the ability to download and install runtimes from the Internet only if they are needed. InstallAware was the only program I could find that offered this for all the runtimes needed. Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media

InstallAware is the best MSI based installer available at this time. As software developers we really like the ability to drop down to the InstallAware scripting level which is still quite easy to use yet flexible enough for our complex tasks. Most MSI based installers that we looked at were difficult to use because of a lack of ability to drop down to a scripting style model and were expensive to boot. Jim Gunkel, Nevrona Systems

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