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Beta 1 Accomplishments

A brand-new, single edition offering from InstallAware - containing everything for three full platforms:

  • Native Binaries: Supporting Linux, macOS, and Windows with zero dependencies (no Java) - zero failures.
  • Single Source: A single setup script (and dialogs) that look & feel & work the same on each compiled target.
  • Code Signing with Notarization: macOS Gatekeeper friendly! Sign, notarize, and even staple while building.
  • Elevation: Official Linux/macOS/Windows privilege escalation channels (with corresponding folder paths).
  • Partial Web Deploy: Structure your setups into as many (shareable) online and offline segments as you like.
  • Tools & IDE: Command line builds, Dialog Designer, and even the script editor - just as you know & love them!
  • Core Commands: Install Files, Create Shortcut, Run Program, Compiler Variables; plus the visual debugger.
  • Native Engine: Registry-free state management, per-user/per-machine installs, runtime mutable features.
  • Instance Management: Local setup caching (maintenance without source), source resolution (network installs).
  • Custom Uninstalls: Bind to external setup logs for seamless old version removals/updates, nothing hard-coded.

While no documentation is yet available with the beta, thanks to virtually identical project, code forms, dialogs, and workflows; the standard InstallAware help almost equally applies to your InstallAware Multi Platform coding experience:

If you're new to InstallAware, please get yourself up to speed with our core development metaphors at:

Already using InstallAware? You'll feel right at home with the script, dialog editor, command line builds, and more!

We can't wait to have you join us on this exciting journey!