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InstallAware Extension for Visual Studio (Free)

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InstallAware includes a Visual Studio Extension which integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 2019, 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005, and 2003. The InstallAware Extension for Visual Studio is completely free, and you may download it and enjoy it immediately.


InstallAware Visual Studio Add-In


Want to build your Win32/Win64/.NET app as a MSIX/APPX package so you can bridge it to the Universal Windows Platform via Microsoft's Desktop Bridge? Click once in the InstallAware Toolbar's MSIX/APPX Builder to take your active Visual Studio project, and build an MSIX/APPX package out of it, ready for submission to the Windows Store!


Visual Studio Add-In


Of course, the InstallAware Extension for Visual Studio also:

  1. Builds your Visual Studio solution,
  2. Analyzes your solution components for dependencies,
  3. Creates an InstallAware setup solution from your Visual Studio solution,
  4. Adds any necessary runtimes to your InstallAware setup solution,
  5. Builds your InstallAware setup!

All in a single click! You even get to customize the automatically created InstallAware setup solution using the full-blown InstallAware IDE. InstallAware's Visual Studio Add-In respects your changes the next time it updates your setup solution per the most recent changes it detects to your Visual Studio solution inside the Visual Studio IDE.


MSIX Builder


In addition to InstallAware's full-blown MSIX Builder, the Open Source Desktop Bridge published by InstallAware under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 gives all developers the source code to InstallAware's APPX Library, as well as a command line application consuming the library to convert any EXE into an APPX binary, ready for submission to the Windows Store.


App-V Builder


Another single click in the InstallAware's Visual Studio Extension toolbar launches the App-V Builder, instantly converting your active Visual Studio project into a virtualized application targeting Microsoft App-V technology, without any extensive package sequencing chores.