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 Press Releases:

New InstallAware X8 First and Only with Acrylic Material, Instant Extraction, Visual Studio Team Services
New InstallAware X7 with Suite Installers, Windows Features, VBScript/COM, and 100% Wise Parity
New InstallAware X6 is the First Installer with a Subscription Model
InstallAware X6 with InstallTailor MST Creator, Visual Studio 2017 Extensions with One-Click APPX Builds from the Toolbar
InstallAware Open Sources Microsoft® Desktop Bridge APPX Library for Extending WiX, Inno Setup, and Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
New InstallAware X5 Builds Win32/64/.NET Apps as APPX Packages for UWP, Zero-Day Support for the Windows 10 Redstone Eco-System
InstallAware, the Only Alternative To InstallShield, Fails to Get Its Wikipedia Article Published Despite Years of Trying
New InstallAware X4 First to Launch with a Windows Store Bridge and Social Network Integration
New InstallAware X3 First to Support Windows 10, Automated Virtual Machine Testing
When a Competitor Stoops Really Low: An SEO Attack Against InstallAware
InstallAware Installs 50% Faster than InstallShield; Compresses 174% Smaller than InstallShield
InstallAware X2 is the Desktop Developers’ Destiny: Revitalizing the Windows Desktop Experience, and Providing Cloud Infrastructure
Microsoft Security Update KB2962872 Breaks InstallShield; InstallAware 18 Offers Flexible and Secure Upgrade Path
New InstallAware 18 Debuts with Direct Deploy; Pioneers Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013, and .NET 4.5.1 Support
Developers Hit the Cloud Running with InstallAware 17, Leading the Enterprise Transformation Ahead of InstallShield
New InstallAware 16 Built From the Ground Up in Unicode, Outpaces InstallShield by Three Major Version Upgrades
New InstallAware 15 with Automatic Web Updates, Software Bundles, Industry’s Fastest Setup Capture, Inline Updates, and Native Engine 2.0
InstallAware Virtualization 5 Launching with the Fastest Setup Capture in the Industry
Hot on Their Heels, InstallAware NX is Launching This Friday with Breakthrough Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 Innovations
InstallAware First and Only Installation Toolkit to Support SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) Installation
New InstallAware 2012 is App-V for the Masses, First to Support Windows 8, and First to Integrate with Visual Studio 11
New InstallAware 12 Grows Your Top-Line with Inclusion of New InstallAware DRM
New InstallAware 11 is Free for Visual Studio Users, Offers Seamless Upgrade Path from Wise, and the Only Alternative to InstallShield
InstallAware 10 First to Market with Hybrid Installation Technology, Extending Windows Installer with Faster Native Code Setup Engine
New InstallAware Virtualization Creates Royalty-Free Portable Applications
InstallAware and Concerity Announce Release of Windows Software Instrumentation System Called InstallAware Analytics
New InstallAware 9 R2 Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Provides Upgrade Path to InstallShield and Wise Customers
InstallAware, Now Second Largest Setup Toolkit with Discontinuation of Wise Products, Provides Same Day Support for .NET Framework 4
Amidst Third InstallShield Corporate Identity Change, InstallAware Shines as a Beacon of Stability in the Industry
InstallAware Posts Record Growth in First Half of 2009
InstallAware 9 First to Support Windows 7
Crytek Migrates to InstallAware from InstallShield with Crysis Warhead
WiXAware 2.0 Brings WiX to the Masses
InstallAware First and Only Installation Toolkit to Support SQL Server Express 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Installation
New InstallAware 8 Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, Automates Setup Creation
InstallAware First Install Builder to Support Windows Installer 4.5
InstallAware First to Support New Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
InstallAware First Software Installer to Support New Windows Installer 4.5
Softwrap and InstallAware Partners to Offer end-to-end Digital Rights Management, Building Install Files and eCommerce
New InstallAware 7 Brings the Convenience of Obviousness to Windows Installer Setup Authoring
InstallAware Only Installation Toolkit to Support Vista Glass
InstallAware Launches WiXAware 1.1
InstallAware First to Support SQL Server with Service Pack 2 Installations
CodeGear Moves to InstallAware
InstallAware Launches WiXAware, the First (and only) IDE for Microsoft WiX
InstallAware First to Support .NET Framework 3.0 Installations
InstallAware First to Support Internet Explorer 7 Installations
Document InstallAware 6.0 Extends InstallAware's Leadership in Setup Authoring Space
Document InstallAware Delivers Setup Compression without Conversion
Macrovision Uses Legal Scare Tactics Against Emerging Competitor InstallAware
InstallAware Kicks Off 30-Day Conversion Program for InstallShield and Wise Customers
InstallAware 5.0 the Only Real Alternative to InstallShield
InstallAware First to Support .NET Framework 2.0 Installations
InstallAware 2005 Second Edition
InstallAware 2005
InstallAware 3