Denali Installation

InstallAware First and Only Installation Toolkit to Support SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) Installation.

Free update for InstallAware 2012 provides one-click installation for Microsoft’s newly released SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali), including support for 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

San Francisco, CA, March 12, 2012 – InstallAware Software has shipped a free update for InstallAware, allowing ISVs and enterprises to deploy Microsoft’s new SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) database platform. SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) was released less than a week ago, and InstallAware is the only installation toolkit at this time that allows the installation of both 32 bit and 64 bit editions of SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali). InstallAware pioneers this support ahead of all other competitors, including InstallShield.

“Once again InstallAware has responded to new technologies faster than any other installation vendor,” says Jason Strathmore of InstallAware Software. “We have established ourselves as the market leader in providing these vital updates for free and before any other vendor. I must add it takes companies such as InstallShield months or longer to get these updates ready, while charging for them most of the time too.”

With this free update, InstallAware now provides one-click deployment for 32 bit and 64 bit editions of SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali), an inherently difficult component to deploy. InstallAware successfully navigates the minefield of checks, conditions, requirements, and reboots that are part of the SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) installation experience. For instance, on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, an update must be installed, or the installation may cryptically fail. A reboot may also be required, without which the installation may again fail. A single check-box is all it takes to successfully deploy this runtime with InstallAware, thanks to InstallAware’s intelligent runtime installation technology which automatically detects all hardware and software requirements, and automatically installs all necessary technology pre-requisites.

InstallAware will also compress all included runtimes up to 67% better, utilizing its LZMA/BCJ2 compression algorithm – when those runtimes are packaged with InstallAware.

It’s very easy to instruct setup to check for a particular instance of SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) on the target system. Only if the named instance is not found, will SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) be actually installed. Not only can InstallAware setups make smart branching decisions like these at runtime, but they can also download missing components like SQL Server Express 2012 (Denali) on-the-fly. This is while shipping a stand-alone setup file that works without requiring an Internet connection to install even the core application files themselves - another technology pioneered by InstallAware called Partial Web Deployment. InstallShield have recently copied this technology that was unique to InstallAware since 2004, referring to it as installation streaming.

InstallAware is available in multiple editions with prices starting at US$669. The free update pack is available for immediate download at

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