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Windows Features/Server Roles

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Ever needed to configure built-in operating system features, but as an innate part of your own installation? With the latest version of InstallAware, you now can:


Screenshot of Windows Features and Server Roles configuration dialog.


Not only does the configuration dialog look and feel like the actual operating system selection screen, it also does something you cannot do with the real thing: Selecting multiple features across operating system editions and versions, all of which are 100% accurately reflected!


Screenshot of Windows Features and Server Roles automatic dependency selection.


Any dependencies, even those across different branches of the feature tree, are automatically selected and managed for you as well - so you get to enjoy nothing but a painless, flawless installation. Other installation vendors will ask that you solve the pieces of the puzzle yourself - an entirely unaffordable proposition, considering that the features and roles and their dependencies vary by literally every single update of Windows that is released.