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InstallAware is Advanced Cloud Infrastructure

Ever dreamed of advancing your cloud infrastructure to the point of complete automation?

Advanced Cloud Infrastructure by InstallAware.
Cut integration costs up to 80% while exponentially increasing your capabilities with InstallAware.

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InstallAware is Advanced Cloud Infrastructure

Wise People Would NEVER Buy InstallShield If They Saw InstallAware First...

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Wise people would never buy Installshield if they saw InstallAware first

Can Your Installer Do This at RUNTIME?

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Can your installer do this at runtime?

Break Through the Glass Ceiling of
Software Installation Experience!

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Break through the glass ceiling of software installation experience

Free Installer for Visual Studio

  • Create completely free Windows Installer packages in one click from within Visual Studio
  • The InstallAware Add-In automatically scans your solutions for files and dependencies
  • One-button "click, build, and run" process for creating your free installer
  • Customize themes and other setup settings directly inside Visual Studio
  • Further customize setup projects inside the main InstallAware IDE
  • Preserve customizations made to your setup projects as your Visual Studio solutions evolve
  • 100% free of charge for Visual Studio users, even for commercial use
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Free installer for Visual Studio

InstallAware X11 for Windows Installer - MSI Installer Tool - MSIX

InstallAware X3 for native code and Windows Installer