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InstallTailor MST Creator

New! InstallTailor for MST Creation

InstallAware's new InstallAware Transformer tailors existing MSI setups visually. Point-and-click your way through the setup interview of the MSI to customize, and let InstallAware create an MST transform for you based on your selections. Review and edit captured installation properties, directories, and features. Create a shortcut which automatically installs your MSI file with your new MST.


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Download and install only the components that are called by your setup.

Exclusive! WebAware Installation™ Technology

Reduce download size by removing technology dependencies (such as the .NET Framework) or rarely used features from your main setup file. The main setup will download them seamlessly from the web as needed. Files required by the minimum configuration are included in the main package, which installs without a web connection. Interrupted downloads are automatically resumed after a short delay, guaranteeing successful unattended installs and ensuring end-user satisfaction.


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Exclusive! Universal, Client-Free Database Support

Connect to Microsoft SQL Server versions through 2017, MySQL versions through 8.x, and Oracle versions through 18c. No client software is required on client systems for database connections, simplifying the installation process and dramatically boosting the rate of successful installations by eliminating all points of potential failure, in the best tradition of InstallAware – the sole source for setups which always work, the first time, everywhere.


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Advanced Service Configuration with Failure Actions

New! Advanced Service Configuration with Failure Actions

Apply advanced configuration parameters to your Windows Services. Configure multiple failure actions to be undertaken when a service fails, applied in sequential order. Run custom programs, employ custom command lines, reboot the target machine, restart the service, and more.


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New! Stackable Filters for the Industry's Fastest Unicode Setup Capture
Use direct, driverless capture technology proprietary to InstallAware and eliminate the need for clean machine captures. Create and save multiple system snapshots and compare any arbitrary two - including those sourced from different hardware and underlying operating systems. New Unicode support with three new filters to reduce installation noise based on varying levels of aggression. Create your own stackable, customizable filters to reduce noise captured during installation monitoring.


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Hybrid Installation Technology

Exclusive! Hybrid Installation Technology with InstantInstall Acceleration

InstallAware ships with a Native Code Setup Engine, a faster and reliable alternative to Windows Installer. Unlike Windows Installer, the Native Engine works in Windows Safe Mode. Hybrid Installation Technology lets you switch between both engines at runtime, so you have the power of both engines in your hands at all times! Choose the Native Engine for InstantInstall Acceleration which produces the fastest Windows Installers on the planet.

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Install and configure web applications for IIS.

Exclusive! Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing

InstallAware is the only installer featuring virtual machine testing for your setups in an automated, customizable fashion. Use InstallAware's default unit test script, or customize and build your own. Test on multiple virtual machines simultaneously and see at a single glance failure and success on different guest operating systems.

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Exclusive! One-Click Patching
Build patches for your existing products with a single click. Patches contain only the incremental data that has changed since your latest release, and bring your applications up to date automatically.


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Exclusive! Two-Way Integrated IDE
Use the visual views in the IDE to rapidly prototype your setup. When you want to make adjustments, switch to the code view and easily customize the aspects you want. Switch back to the visual view to see your latest changes.


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Only InstallAware builds a single setup targeting all three platforms at once: ARM64, AMD64, and X86

Exclusive! One Installer For AMD64/EM64T, ARM64, and X86 Platforms
InstallAware is the only setup builder letting you deliver a single installation binary with different payloads for AMD64/EM64T X64, ARM64, and X86 packages rolled all into one file!


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