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First to Natively Support Windows 10 Redstone

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InstallAware is the first installer tool to natively support Windows 10 Redstone and the entire Windows 10 Redstone eco-system, including Visual Studio 2017 integration, Team Foundation Server 2017 integration, an APPX Desktop Bridge for your Desktop apps, carrying them across to the Universal Windows Plaform Highway, and Microsoft App-V 5 virtualization.



InstallAware is the first and only installer that can pin your applications directly next to the live tiles on the Windows 10 Start Menu and the Windows 10 Taskbar. InstallAware is also the first and only installer capable of pinning your applications directly to the controversial Windows 8.1 Start Screen. With any other installer, these areas of prime real estate on end-user Desktops are off-limits - legacy installation vendors are content to repeat Microsoft's official position that programmatic pinning is impossible. InstallAware regularly achieves the impossible - unlike other vendors, we don't rest on our laurels - we work hard to give you all the tools you need to get your apps noticed, and your hard work rewarded.



InstallAware was again the first installer tool to natively support Windows 7 features, such as installation progress updates on the new Windows Taskbar, even when Windows Installer itself did not natively display such progress. In addition to this eye candy, InstallAware setups can pin your setups directly to the Windows Taskbar - a feature that is, at the time of this writing, unmatched in any other commercial or open source installation utility. Especially with the removal of the Start Menu in Windows 8.x, pinning applications to the Windows Taskbar is now more important than ever to expose your applications.



You've worked hard to build your applications - why not give them the best exposure they deserve? Only with an InstallAware setup can you pin your applications to this most valuable piece of real estate on end-user Desktops, without them having to form usage patterns or manually pinning your products to the Windows Taskbar. What's even better, if your application defines its own custom Jump Lists on Windows, these too will be immediately accessible right from the new Taskbar - propelling your application forward.



InstallAware even supports downlevel platforms for its pinning functionality - all the way including Windows XP. While operating systems earlier than Windows 7 do not feature the new Taskbar, they do provide the Start Menu. Again, only an InstallAware setup can pin your applications directly to the top of the Start Menu on Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Server 2008. After you've worked so hard to build your applications and even harder to earn trial downloads - why not give them the best exposure they deserve?



When all it takes is just a single click in the Create Shortcut commands inside your existing setup projects to tap the new pinning functionality, could things just get any better?