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Plug-In Extensibility

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Develop custom plug-ins that extend the InstallAware scripting language. Plug-ins have full access to the installation - both at build time and runtime. They even display their own custom lines in the InstallAware script. Several template plug-in projects are available to jump-start your plug-in development efforts, with the required library exports already declared.


Screenshot of InstallAware Windows Installer Scripting - Plug-In Extensibility


Any language that is capable of creating dynamic link libraries may be used to develop InstallAware plug-ins. Beginning with InstallAware NX, you may even use managed code to author your own plug-ins - so pick the environment you are most comfortable with! However, if you are looking for simpler ways to extend your setup, InstallAware also provides the means to call any arbitrary DLL function directly from within your script.