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Rich Command Library

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 Screenshot of InstallAware Windows Installer Scripting - Rich Command Library

The InstallAware script contains a wide variety of scripting commands that perform literally all installation related tasks - efficiently and simply. Below is a small selection of some of the things that you can do with the InstallAware script:



  • Install files, create registry entries, shortcuts, file types


  • Install and control services, ODBC drivers, data sources


  • Configure and control IIS websites and virtual folders


  • Run SQL scripts on MS SQL, My SQL, and Oracle databases


  • Obtain system, domain, account and user information


  • Reboot the computer, and automatically resume setup


  • Install application runtimes and other dependencies


  • Display custom dialogs and obtain user input


  • Create and delete network shares on file servers


  • Set access control lists on a variety of system objects


  • Install .NET assemblies, generate native images


  • Process environment variables, work with INI files


  • Register libraries, write to and read from text files



Of course, if you have needs that are not addressed using the built in scripting functions, you can always author your own plug-ins, which have full access to the setup script and build process; or you can also call arbitrary functions located inside DLL libraries. This places the power of virtually the entire Windows API in your hands when developing InstallAware installations.