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InstantInstall Acceleration

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InstallAware is the fastest Windows Installer. Every other installation technology first extracts setup files, and then copies them over to their final locations. The bigger the app being installed, this process slows down exponentially. Additionally, this process wastes precious hard drive space when setup sources are cached on the target system. InstallAware puts a stop to the lengthy wait during application installations and gives you the green light to work with your installed apps and data as soon as physically possible. Download it now to see how fast it installs tens of gigabytes of data.



New in InstallAware X8 is Instant Extraction Technology which complements InstantInstall Acceleration. Even setups with multi-gigabyte payloads boot instantly, putting you right in control of the installation script and user interface. This enables you to present the setup interview in its entirety, before starting time consuming tasks such as payload extraction and data transfer – dramatically improving your end-user experience. You are now in full control of what happens during the most time-consuming phase of an installation, which you may leverage to educate, entertain, and otherwise make a lasting, very positive first impression with your end-users. You may also leverage this new technology to perform custom handling of any errors that may occur during setup payload extraction, a process which could not be tapped into before.



When you use the Native Code Setup Engine in InstallAware, InstantInstall technology is activated and brings you and your end-users the absolute fastest installation speeds available on Microsoft Windows. Regardless of the size of your app, InstallAware ensures a linear, non-exponential performance curve - and the fastest one, at that!