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One Click Pre-Requisite Installer

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Every edition of InstallAware ships with the versatile, easy to use One Click Pre-Requisite Installer. Daunting tasks like pre-installing a custom instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express are literally a single click away. You can even check for a named instance and install only if that named instance is not found - true to the spirit of pre-requisites. Other InstallAware-only benefits include:


Now with .NET Framework 4.8, IIS Express 8, SQL Server 2017, SQL Server Native Client 2012, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Visual Studio Report Viewer, and Visual C++ 16 Runtimes. All available 64 bit editions of runtimes are also supported.



Just check any pre-requisite for your application, and it is automatically added to your setup. Absolutely no manual configuration or tweaking is required. What's even better, if your selected pre-requisite has further dependencies, InstallAware includes them for you as well - automatically!


Take the guesswork out of installing setup pre-requisites with the One Click Pre-Requisite Installer, and InstallAware. Even better, when you use InstallAware's Visual Studio Integration, pre-requisites are automatically added to your setup!