Application Virtualization

Convert your full-fledged applications into single self-sustaining executable files that don't require installation or even pre-extraction to run with InstallAware Application Virtualization technology. Squeeze all ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and all kinds of other resources that your original application needs into a single executable file - it just works!

No More Need for Administrator Rights
Run any application, even if it requires administrator rights, without having administrator privileges.

Eliminate Deployment Conflicts
Run mutually incompatible applications on the same desktop at the same time. Completely sidestep all application deployment conflicts.

Convert Any Application
Do you have a working setup for the application to virtualize? That's all you need to get started! You don't even need original application sources or files.

Truly Portable
Carry your applications with you anywhere you go on a USB stick. Your application files are never extracted to local computers, but loaded directly from the single EXE file.