Why IA Virtualization?

Industrial Strength Application Virtualization

Application virtualization works with a single application, unlike virtual machine solutions which virtualize a full computer together with its own operating system and hardware resources.

Isolated Sandboxes

Virtualized applications run inside their own sandbox and are isolated from the underlying operating system and environment, and other virtualized applications. Each virtual application has its own virtual file system and virtual registry.

No Installation Required

Virtualized applications run without lengthy, and often error-prone installation.

Sidestep Application Conflicts

Application virtualization completely sidesteps all deployment conflicts, running incompatible applications, or even different versions of the same application, on the same host desktop, at the same time.

Truly Portable

InstallAware Virtualization, unlike other application virtualization products, does not pre-extract any files on the host computer. Everything runs off of a truly portable, single EXE file. Unlike other virtualization products, application files are never extracted to the host computer, but loaded directly from a single, portable EXE file.

Migrate Legacy Applications

Is your favorite application incompatible with your newest operating system? Use application virtualization to run it on any operating system, even if it won't natively run.

Eliminate Administrator Rights

Does your application require administrator rights? Virtualize it, and give it all the access it needs to the virtual file system and virtual registry; while safely keeping it away from protected areas of the underlying host operating system.

No Agents Required

InstallAware Virtualization does not require any agents to be installed on host operating systems before deployment. All you need is the truly portable EXE file!


Instantly create virtual application projects using the PackageAware setup capture utility. Refine and tweak captured applications further in the InstallAware Virtualization IDE.

InstallAware Project Import

Use the one-click InstallAware project converter to migrate any existing setup project to InstallAware Virtualization. Of course, you may further edit your converted setups in the InstallAware Virtualization IDE.

Free, Unlimited 30 Day Trial

Download your free trial hassle free and put InstallAware Virtualization to work for you.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the capabilities of our virtualization engine that we are backing your purchases with a 30 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Royalty Free

InstallAware Virtualization is royalty free! No client licenses are required at any time. Buy once, deploy everywhere!