Industry's Fastest Repackager!

Use the integrated PackageAware tool to automatically convert any application into a virtual application - at breakneck speed!

You will NOT find a faster setup repackager than InstallAware Virtualization's newly enhanced PackageAware.

Eliminate the need for clean machine captures with the new, lightning-speed PackageAware.

PackageAware scans the state of the system before and after you run a setup. It then compares the two scans, and generates a ready-to-use InstallAware Virtualization project that encapsulates the delta between the two scans. You may then open the virtual application project and customize it even further as you see fit.

New in version 5.0 of PackageAware for InstallAware Virtualization, you may now explicitly save system snapshots and compare any two previously saved snapshots. This enables you to detect changes in physically different systems or even entire operating systems - and instantly translate those differences into virtualized applications!

InstallAware Import

Beginning with version 3.0 of InstallAware Virtualization, you may now directly convert any InstallAware setup project to InstallAware Virtualization!

It doesn't get any easier!