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Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing

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InstallAware integrates with VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms to bring you an industry-first: Automated virtual machine unit testing.


Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing Screenshot


Your InstallAware Project Manager window lets you:

  1. Browse your library of virtual machines on all kinds of platforms,
  2. Enumerate snapshots for any selected virtual machine,
  3. Start one or more simultaneous virtual machine tests,
  4. See at a single glance the status and/or success/failure state of any test,
  5. Perform default or custom unit tests on your installations!

Build and maintain your virtual machine repository, containing a list of your local virtual machines and virtual machine servers. Each virtual machine defined in your InstallAware IDE's repository becomes accessible in the Project Manager window.


Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing Screenshot


Project-level settings include whether to run installation, uninstallation, or both tests; which guest operating system folder to copy your setup binary (or binaries) to; and whether to use the standard or a custom unit test. Custom unit tests are especially useful when you are testing for specific installation success indicators, such as the existence of a service, file, or registry key; scientifically proving the success of your setups on any desired virtual machine snapshot(s).


Automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing Screenshot


The exceptionally convenient and easy-to-use virtual machine testing framework is nothing short of what you have come to expect from InstallAware.