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InstallAware First (and Only) Installation Toolkit to Support Internet Explorer 7 Installations

InstallAware First (and Only) Installation Toolkit to Support Internet Explorer 7 Installations

San Francisco, CA, October 24 2006 – InstallAware Software Corporation has shipped a free update for InstallAware 6, adding support for deploying the just-released Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was released less than a week ago, and InstallAware is the only installation toolkit at this time to provide support for installing the new version of the framework.

“InstallAware has once again responded to new technologies faster than any other vendor. We’re the first to support the latest version 7.0 of Windows Internet Explorer,” says Simon King, President of InstallAware Software Corporation. “For almost three years now, InstallAware has been offering the only viable alternative to InstallShield’s line of installation development tools. With this latest update to InstallAware, made available in less than 48 business hours after the new Microsoft product was released to manufacturing, we are championing the next generation Windows Installer based setup development tool.”

InstallAware dramatically simplifies the installation of applications based on the Microsoft Windows platform. InstallAware builds industry-standard Windows Installer MSI packages, which may then be automatically deployed to thousands of corporate workstations – all silently and without requiring separate client licenses.

“Most system administrators today will not even authorize the purchase of products that don’t ship with Windows Installer setups. This is due to application conflicts and other difficulties experienced during the deployment of products packaged with home brewed installers,” says Agustin Berge, Director of Development at InstallAware Software Corporation. “The reason there are still non-Windows Installer packages out there is that they are much harder to create. InstallAware is the only setup authoring toolkit that provides an easy yet powerful Windows Installer development methodology, based on our unique MSIcode technology. Now there is no reason left to use obsolete installation tools – InstallAware produces pure Windows Installer setups that offer unprecedented levels of flexibility at install time.”

“This free update extends InstallAware’s leadership in the setup authoring space,” adds Simon King. “Exactly one year ago, we were the first to support Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, far ahead of InstallShield or other competition. While our competition charged their customers for this update, and took a very long time to deliver it – we made it available for free and immediately after the original launch of the technology. We continue to provide the same levels of stellar service and support to our entire user base - both evaluators and licensed customers - absolutely free of charge, and at breakneck speed.”

InstallAware not only streamlines the installation of Internet Explorer 7, it also reduces the actual size of the Internet Explorer 7 package in half. While an install that supports all target platforms would normally add a 30 MB overhead to a setup package, with an InstallAware deployment, this overhead is reduced to only 15 MB. This is due to the superior compression InstallAware employs, and similar space savings apply to application file sizes when packaged with InstallAware.

InstallAware 6 is available in various editions, with prices starting at US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at The plug-in update pack is available free of charge, for both trial and licensed users, at

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