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InstallAware Launches WiXAware 1.1, still the Only IDE for Microsoft WiX, now WiX 2.0 compliant.

InstallAware releases version 1.1 of its IDE, adding a lot of functionality and new wizards. All WiX 2.0 elements that were not present in WiXAware 1.0 have been implemented with this release.

San Francisco, CA, March 13, 2007 – InstallAware is releasing a new version of its powerful IDE targeting Microsoft's open source WiX platform. With the first version of WiXAware, users could finally develop installers based on the same technology that is used internally at Microsoft. This second version makes the task even easier. World-class installers such as the Microsoft Office Installer are built using the WiX technology, and until WiXAware no IDE facilitated the daunting task of working directly with WiX.

“We continue to innovate with WiX like no other company,” said Agustin Berge, Director of Development at InstallAware. “We had the first WiX IDE, and while we’re still alone in this space with such a powerful tool, we've just made it even more intuitive and at the same time added support for all WiX 2.0 elements.”

WiXAware 1.1 enhances the already strong wizards, easing the development and configuration of items such as control conditions and control subscriptions. This release also adds support for a flurry of new elements: Media Information, Isolate Components, Upgrade Information, Installer Texts, Reserve Costs, File Shares, COM+ Registration, XML Files, Users and Groups, Assemblies, IIS Sites, SQL Databases, Custom Tables, Ensure Tables, MMC SnapIn, and VS Help.

“InstallAware continues to push the envelope of innovative development,” says Simon King, president of InstallAware Software Corporation. “Three years after releasing the breakthrough that was InstallAware, several of its features are still unmatched in the industry, such as partial web deployment, MSIcode scripting for Windows Installer, and 50% better compression. We suspect it will be a long time before WiXAware is matched.”

WiXAware is available today for immediate online ordering, priced at $499 for new users, and at $349 for users upgrading from InstallShield or Wise tools. A 30 day time limited trial and more information is available at http://www.wixaware.com/.

About InstallAware Software Corporation

InstallAware Software Corporation, founded in 2003, is a software development company focused solely on state of the art software installation tools which offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations. The company produces software installation and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI) platform on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. InstallAware is supported by thousands of users worldwide, and is a CodeGear Technology Partner. For more information, visit http://www.installaware.com.


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