New InstallAware X3

InstallAware X3 First to Support Windows 10 and Automated Virtual Machine Testing in VMware and Hyper-V.

InstallAware X3 is launching Wednesday this week with same-day support for Microsoft Windows 10, including automated virtual machine unit testing for VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

San Francisco, CA, July 27, 2015 –InstallAware gets application builders ahead by being the first to support Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system, and pioneering automated virtual machine unit testing for setups on VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms. New InstallAware X3 creates the fastest, smallest, and most scalable installers through intuitive software development paradigms built atop its agile, next-generation software delivery platform.

Software margins grow as support costs are reduced by InstallAwareX3’s super-stable, InstantInstall accelerated, Native Code Setup Engine – while exposure and revenue is maximized with InstallAware X3’s unique capability of programmatically pinning applications to Windows 10’s new Start Menu Live Tiles section, without having to go through the Windows Store. Developers are continually delighted by the convenience and simplicity of the setup building process in InstallAware.

InstallAware X3’s breakthrough new virtual machine unit testing lets developers launch multiple, simultaneous, and unattended tests on any number of target virtual machines directly from the InstallAware IDE, displaying test progress and success status at a single glance. Default or custom unit tests may be used to ensure that critical application delivery milestones are met, and it is a single click to choose any particular virtual machine snapshot to be exercised during testing.

InstallAware X3 is the first to embrace Microsoft’s new Windows 10/Visual Studio 2015 eco-system, delivering brand-new application framework installers for .NET 4.6, Visual C++ 14, and SQL Server 2014 with SP1. InstallAware’s unique 64-bit compression typically halves the already-compressed sizes of Microsoft’s native runtime installers, such as for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 which goes down to 162 MB from its already-compressed Microsoft size of 303 MB.

While InstallAware has built a legacy of being the first to support the latest technology prerequisites, InstallAware X3’s new Application Runtime Wizard creates new, reusable application runtimes that may be shared across multiple InstallAware instances and consumed from an unlimited number of InstallAware setups. InstallAware’s decades of experience building and optimizing technology framework installers has been distilled into this new wizard, which guides developers and helps them make the right choices.

InstallAware X3 is the most flexible and affordable way for enterprises and application producers to deliver software products worldwide, targeting traditional, cloud, virtual, and web environments from a single source. Deep Microsoft stack integration with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, as well as firm compliance with Windows Installer and other software development best practices is available only with InstallAware.

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InstallAware Software, founded in 2003, is the leading Cloud Infrastructure Company with its laser sharp focus on state-of-the-art software installations and bullet-proof enterprise deployments. InstallAware has been named a “Leader of the Software Development Industry” by SD Times two years in a row (2013 and 2012). InstallAware X2 is available in a free edition for all Visual Studio users and paid editions with prices starting at $329. For a fully functional 30 day trial and more information, visit


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