18 Debuts with Direct

New InstallAware 18 Debuts with Direct Deploy; Pioneers Windows 8.1, Visual Studio 2013, and .NET 4.5.1 Support

InstallAware 18 is the first and only software installer capable of pushing any EXE file across any Active Directory network, without requiring any client or server software! Also new is full support for the Windows 8.1 eco-system – including Visual Studio 2013 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.

San Francisco, CA, October 21, 2013 – InstallAware is the leading platform for building application installers, repackaging and virtualizing applications, and now the direct deployment of any EXE or MSI package across any Active Directory network – without requiring any client or server software, a unique feat in the entire application management industry; unmatched even by InstallShield AdminStudio. InstallAware 18 is debuting with the ground breaking InstallAware Direct Deploy Technology on Friday this week.

“We built our new Direct Deploy technology using the InstallAware scripting language,” observes Francesco Toscano of InstallAware Software. “In addition to being a testament to the flexibility and scalability of our scripting environment, this empowers all of our developers to customize and rebrand all of the default Direct Deploy user interface and logic easily, without having to reinvent the wheel.”

InstallAware Direct Deploy is capable of pushing any application installer – whether built using InstallAware, Windows Installer, or any other open source or commercial EXE or MSI based technology – across an entire Active Directory network, all with a single click. InstallAware Direct Deploy also queries the installed version of any product across the Active Directory network, in addition to being able to repair, reinstall, or uninstall the product from the entire network.

System administrators may now completely eliminate the need to repackage application installers from EXE to MSI files just to be able to use Group Policy deployment, which accepts only MSI files, and is difficult to manage. All it takes to add Direct Deploy technology to any existing InstallAware setup is a single check-box in the new InstallAware 18 IDE.

Any InstallAware Direct Deploy setup run with the /dd command line parameter automatically replicates itself across an entire Active Directory network. The /ddu command line parameter uninstalls a setup from the network, and the /ddq command line parameter launches the InstallAware Direct Deploy management interface for reporting and advanced options. All of this functionality becomes part and parcel of the single, self-sufficient InstallAware setup binary, without requiring any specialized client or server software.

InstallAware 18 is also the first software installer to support the new Windows 8.1 eco-system, including .NET Framework 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013. Any Visual Studio project may be built into an InstallAware setup using InstallAware 18’s new Visual Studio Add-In, and then of course leverage all of the Direct Deploy technology benefits described above.

About InstallAware Software

InstallAware Software, founded in 2003, is leading the Enterprise Cloud transformation with its laser sharp focus on state-of-the-art software installations and bullet-proof enterprise deployments. InstallAware has been named a “Leader of the Software Development Industry” by SD Times two years in a row (2013 and 2012). InstallAware 18 is available in a free edition for all Visual Studio users and paid editions with prices starting at $659. For a fully functional 30 day trial and more information, visit www.installaware.com.


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