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InstallAware, the Only Alternative To InstallShield, Fails to Get Its Wikipedia Article Published Despite Years of Trying.

InstallAware, in its efforts to contribute an article about itself to the "online free encyclopedia that anyone can edit", has successfully struck multiple experiential parallels to recent coverage of Wikipedia in academic publications.

San Francisco, CA, May 16, 2016 – InstallAware has been repeatedly frustrated in its efforts to contribute an article about itself to Wikipedia. InstallAware, the largest independent software installation vendor for Microsoft Windows, hired a specialist and conducted months of revisions, which ensured that the InstallAware article had more quantity and quality of citations than InstallShield, a similar product which does have a Wikipedia article. "Wikipedia editors betrayed their own bias against InstallAware in statements such as 'You  may as well give up,' as seen on, where factual inaccuracies run amok (for example, a 104 minute Embarcadero presentation on InstallAware is tagged as brief mention)," says Jason Strathmore, Director of Marketing at InstallAware.

InstallAware’s significance is beyond question. With a 100,000 strong user base, 12 years of operation, and the most technologically advanced installer on the planet, InstallAware is the undisputed technology leader in the Windows Installer market, second to InstallShield only in terms of market share. InstallAware has been documented to build smaller, faster, and more reliable installers than InstallShield, as well as offering a more stable development/build environment in a recent acid test at Unlike InstallShield, InstallAware has never opened up end-user systems to vulnerabilities, or been adversely affected by Windows Updates (

InstallAware has survived multiple hostile takeover attempts and SEO attacks from its competitors, having locked unique Windows Installer technologies such as Programmatic Application Pinning, Social Networking integration, sliding/fading special effects for Installation Wizard screens, Partial Web Deployment, InstantInstall Acceleration, automated Virtual Machine Unit Testing, up to 95% smaller 64-bit Compression, and the first Windows Store Bridge for Win32, Win64, and .NET desktop applications.

InstallAware’s technology leadership has been recognized by tens of industry awards over the past decade, including Microsoft’s Visual Studio Sim-Ship Award, ComponentSource’s Top Product and Top Publisher Awards, Visual Studio Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards, SD Times’s “Leader of the Software Development Industry” Awards, and the Windows IT Pro Community Award, among other recognition from the press, industry analysts, and most importantly, the testament of thousands of real-world software developers who have coined the term “InstallAware is the Convenience of Obviousness,” in comparing InstallAware to other Windows Installer solutions.

Wikipedia has been receiving increasing coverage in academia, where the double standards and unaccountable dispositions of Wikipedia editors have been demonstrated with scientific rigor. See, for example, and

“Wikipedia first rejected us because we were found to be ‘advertising,’ then they rejected us because we did not have sufficient citations,” says Sinan Karaca, founder of InstallAware. “We hired a professional to get us on par with our citations, and then we ended up being judged ‘insignificant’ – compare this with the number of trivial articles you see on the site, and/or the amount of advertising that exists for industry brands; and you get a sense of our perspective on the matter. It would sadly appear that, as observed elsewhere (, Wikipedia is out of touch with its original egalitarian ideals, serving as a source of disinformation for interests outside of itself.”

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