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InstallAware Posts Record Growth in First Half of 2009.

Despite the global economic downturn, InstallAware revenues have grown 100% compared to the first half of 2008. Cumulative growth since 2006 is 553% during the first half of the year.

San Francisco, CA, July 22, 2009 – InstallAware Software Corporation has announced results for the first half of 2009. The privately held company’s revenues have grown 100% over the first half of 2008, 170% over the first half of 2007, and 553% over the first half of 2006. InstallAware is used by thousands of ISVs and enterprises across the globe for automating software deployments worldwide on the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft .NET platforms.

“We have established a track record of releasing vital application runtime and technology updates before any other vendor, and for free,” says Sinan Karaca, founder of InstallAware Software Corporation. “Our latest version InstallAware 9, released in the past quarter, was the first installation authoring tool to provide full support for the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Even after formerly industry leading brands such as InstallShield released their Windows 7 compatible product versions, InstallAware still has unmatched benefits such as pinning applications directly to the new Windows 7 Taskbar. This is nothing to say, of course, of our MSIcode ‘Windows Installer runtime decision making’ technology, which is still unique in the entire Windows Installer market a full 5 years after its launch.” Customers refer to the “convenience of obviousness” as their strongest reason for choosing InstallAware’s MSIcode technology over other setup authoring technologies such as the InstallScript engine. As an added benefit, InstallAware’s MSIcode technology is very robust and does not require any technology pre-requisites on the target system, nor does it pre-install a scripting runtime before moving to the actual installation phase. MSIcode technology significantly improves the number of successful installations and reduces support costs for companies publishing their products.

In speaking of the new features planned for InstallAware 10, Agustin K-ballo Berge, Vice President of Research and Development at InstallAware, says “We will raise the bar once again by being the first to deliver a hybrid installation engine on the Windows platform. InstallAware 10 will leverage our robust and proven MSIcode technology to make native installations possible, in addition to using the Windows Installer engine for installing products. Developers will even be able to swap in-and-out of the Native InstallAware Engine mode and the Microsoft Windows Installer engine mode at runtime, as many times as necessary, to deliver the best possible installation experience for end-users – within the least development time possible. Of course, another benefit of our native engine will be that the Windows Installer runtime will no longer be required on target computers for successful installations – MSIcode will fall back to our native engine when the MSI runtime is absent, successfully delivering products to any 32 and 64 bit Windows operating system, all the way down-level to Windows 95 Gold, up to and including the latest Windows 7 64 bit builds.”

Among other planned InstallAware 10 features are trial-ware creation functionality. Developers will be able to seamlessly wrap their application files to time-out after a desired combination of uses, days, or a hard-coded expiration date. The wrapping will be seamless and an integral part of the build process, without requiring code-level changes, or an Internet connection at wrap time – thus significantly reducing time to market and helping developers focus on what they do best – realizing their dreams in code.

InstallAware 10 will also be the first InstallAware version to deliver InstallShield project import. “InstallShield developers frequently wish to move to InstallAware, but are daunted by the task of migrating their setups to InstallAware. We are building an InstallShield project import tool to help ease this transition and automatically migrate as many of their application settings as possible, delivering a ready-to-build InstallAware setup at the end of a single-click process,” adds Agustin K-ballo Berge.

“Our phenomenal growth, even in this recession, can be solely attributed to our relentless pace in delivering to our customer base what they want to see in our product InstallAware,” notes Sinan Karaca. “Unlike other installation businesses focused primarily on leveraging their existing customer base, InstallAware is the only player in the market today actually innovating – and our customers show their appreciation by choosing InstallAware over other products.”

InstallAware is available in four editions, with prices starting at US$399. A time limited trial and more information is available at All developers are invited to apply for the public InstallAware 10 beta program by emailing with the subject line “InstallAware 10 Beta”.

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