.NET Framework 3.0

InstallAware First (and Only) Installation Toolkit to Support .NET Framework 3.0 Installations

InstallAware First (and Only) Installation Toolkit to Support .NET Framework 3.0 Installations

San Francisco, CA, November 13 2006 – InstallAware Software Corporation has shipped a free update for InstallAware 6, adding support for deploying the just-released Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0. InstallAware is the only installation toolkit at this time that provides support for installing the newest version of the framework. This free update was launched in less than 48 hours after Microsoft’s own release.

“InstallAware has repeatedly responded to new technologies faster than any other vendor. We were the first to support .NET 2.0 almost a year ago. We are still the only vendor to support the three-week old Internet Explorer 7. And again, we are the first vendor to support the latest .NET 3.0, right after its release,” says Simon King, President of InstallAware Software Corporation. “For almost three years now, InstallAware has been offering the only viable alternative to InstallShield’s line of installation development tools. We are now taking the lead. We are not charging extra for these important updates, and we are making them available at breakneck speed.”

InstallAware dramatically simplifies the development of setups based on industry-standard Windows Installer technology. “Windows Installer packages, commonly seen as MSI files, are inherently difficult to create,” says Agustin Berge, Director of Development at InstallAware Software Corporation. “The developer must first master a complex relational database, which the MSI file is comprised of. Then, to cover up for areas which are not part of the standard Windows Installer specification, the developer will often find the need to do additional DLL programming (called custom actions in Windows Installer terminology), before a complete setup is realized. InstallAware protects the developer from both of these time consuming and error prone tasks.”

InstallAware setups are based on MSIcode, a high-level scripting language which describes every action that an installation performs in human readable, friendly form. Even non-programmers can rapidly build MSIcode scripts that perform sophisticated installation tasks. The rich MSIcode language eliminates the need for custom actions and DLL programming, because all setup functions are built-in. At compile time, the MSIcode script is automatically converted into an ordinary MSI file by the InstallAware compiler. The developer is at no stage required to be aware of Windows Installer’s complex database structures or requirements, which InstallAware handles internally. “InstallAware can be thought of as the Visual Basic of installers,” adds Berge. “Setups are built in a visual drag-drop environment with automatic MSIcode generation.”

“InstallAware setups are truly versatile,” adds King. “A setup built with InstallAware has absolutely no runtime requirements, and runs on all Windows platforms – from the very first release of Windows 95, all the way to the latest Windows Vista build. A single setup can perform hybrid installations on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, contain multiple editions of a product, and be smart enough to choose the right edition to install at runtime. Setups can interact with users in previously unseen ways – from displaying interactive Flash billboards at install time, to accepting user feedback directly within the install wizard and seamlessly submitting that information to a web server.”

InstallAware 6 is available in various editions, with prices starting at US$199. A time limited trial and more information is available at www.installaware.com. The .NET 3.0 update is available free of charge, for both trial and licensed users, at www.installaware.com/downloads-product-downloads.htm.

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InstallAware Software Corporation, founded in 2003, is a software development company focused solely on state of the art software installation tools which offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations. The company produces software installation and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI) platform on the Microsoft Windows Operating System.  InstallAware is supported by thousands of users worldwide, and is a Borland Technology Partner. For more information, visit www.installaware.com.


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