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Download the 30 Day Free Trial of InstallAware and discover how InstallAware’s next generation MSI tool can give you complete control over Windows Installer. Advanced MSIcode scripting allows you to create MSI files without learning MSI internals, and enables you to create customized setups with an easy to use two-way interface.

With InstallAware, you can painlessly install complex application runtimes, seamlessly integrate partial web deployment, and boost compression ratios by up to 90%. Plus, with several sample projects to choose from, you can see just how easy InstallAware is to use.

  • APPX Universal Windows Platform (Desktop Bridge): Build any pre-existing InstallAware setup using Microsoft's Desktop Bridge as an APPX package targeting Universal Windows Platform, bridging all of your Win32, Win64, and .NET apps to the future.
  • InstallTailor MST Creator: InstallAware Transformer InstallTailor MST Creator builds an MST transform for your MSI file after walking you through the setup interview and noting changed properties, directories, and features.
  • Visual Studio 2017 APPX Build: Click on the InstallAware Extensions for Visual Studio toolbar button for APPX, and instantly build your active Visual Studio project as an APPX package, ready for monetization through the Windows Store.
  • InstantInstall Acceleration: InstallAware setups complete instantly. You will not find a faster Windows Installer when you use InstallAware's Native Code Setup Engine to power your installations.
  • 64-bit Compression: InstallAware setups are as small as possible with new 64-bit compression. Even application runtimes such as .NET and SQL Server compress better with InstallAware compared to their default Microsoft counterparts!
  • Pin to Start Screen/Start Menu: Only InstallAware lets you pin any app to the Windows 8.x Start Screen or the Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles section - something both Microsoft and InstallShield claim to be programmatically impossible.
  • Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Eco-System: Only InstallAware supports the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update eco-system and the full Microsoft stack, including seamless Team Foundation Server 2018 integration for collaboration on a global scale.
  • Automated VM Testing: InstallAware integrates with VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V. It automatically runs (unit) tests on your setups with just a single click on multiple target guest operating systems.
  • Triple Mode Web Updates: Push scheduled or manual or automatic updates. With automatic updates, ensure your apps always install and/or run at the latest version.
  • Configure Service Failure Actions: Control advanced Windows Service properties and even designate failure actions to be undertaken during the successive failures of a service, bullet-proofing your applications against all hazards out there in the field.
  • Sliding/Fading Wizard Transition FX: Only InstallAware has setup wizard transition special effects, in sliding or fading modes - to impress and instill confidence in your app-savvy end-users like no other setup can.

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