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Digital Rights Management

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InstallAware Digital Rights Management is available in all InstallAware editions, beginning with InstallAware 12.

Take a look at some of the compelling benefits of InstallAware DRM:

  • Protect applications with absolutely zero changes to source code
  • Win32, Win64, and .NET applications are supported - 100% protection for you on the Windows platform
  • A combination of trialware parameters are available:
    • Actual metered usage
      • Number of hours your application has been run live
      • Number of minutes your application has been run live
    • Pre-set expiration
      • Number of launches
      • Number of days
        • A hard-coded expiration date
        • Number of days since installation
  • Two DRM modes are available:
    • Try-And-Die: If you want to use your own ecommerce provider after expiration
    • Try-And-Buy: Instantly sell inside your application, during the trial or after expiration, via Softwrap



Wrapping your applications with InstallAware DRM happens as a completely seamless part of building your setup - whether you are building from the command line, from the IDE, or even from the automation interface.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) from InstallAware


A stand-alone InstallAware DRM tool is also available, for when you want to manually wrap your applications with fine tuned control over all available wrapping parameters. The stand-alone InstallAware DRM tool may also be invoked from the command line in silent mode; helping it participate in automated build processes such as batch files.