Web updates - Manual mode

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Web updates - Manual mode

Postby SITL » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:20 am

Dear Francesco,

Thanks for all the Help.
Since it is just a clarification, I'm posting it as a new topic.
Looks like both my Base project and patch project are working fine in Manual mode.
Appreciate your great support at all the stages.

In Manual mode, there is a short cut 'MyProduct updates' , when the user clicks on it update happens.

But our peoples are asking for some additions.
Our product shortcut is
............. \XYZVer13
............. \XYZVer13 Updates
.............. \XYZVer13 New Updates - (We want it to grow)
Is it legitimate?
I have told it is not possible.
But, when we run the product, we can read updates.ini file and list all the available updates for our customers.
So when we read updates.ini file we want to skip the patches(updates) which are already applied.
Can you tell me where we maintain the patch data file ? Do you expose it developers?


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