Get System Setting, Compatibility: Windows Vista

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Get System Setting, Compatibility: Windows Vista

Postby quintonmartin » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:08 pm

Can you tell me exactly what is being looked at for this setting. I have 1 PC that is failing to run the install with message "This product requires at least Windows Vista. Setup cannot continue." The PC is running Windows 7. This install has run on over 1700 other PCs, most of which are Windows 7. Obviously something quirky about this PC, but user is not reporting another other issues other than not able to run this install. On design tab, under application requirements, have selected "Minimum Operating System: Windows Vista" which has created the MSI code that is causing this check, I believe.

Code: Select all

Get System Setting Windows Vista into CHECKSYSTEM
if Variable CHECKSYSTEM not Equals TRUE
  MessageBox: $TITLE$ Setup Error, This product requires at least Windows Vista.$NEWLINE$$NEWLINE$Setup cannot continue.
  Terminate Installation

I would like to know exactly what registry setting or what exactly is being looked at so I can try to fix this PC and allow it to run my install.
The user believes that this PC has always had Windows 7, that it was not an upgrade from a prior version of Windows.

Install created with Installaware 17 (Build 8.6.13) Wide

Quinton Martin

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