Screen Flashing and system hangs

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Screen Flashing and system hangs

Postby RGA_RE » Mon May 14, 2018 8:35 am

I have Installaware x6 and I have this annoying issue. If Installaware is open, I occasionally (once every half hour at least) get an issue when my screens (Dual Monitor) start flashing like the screen is refreshing and the system seems hung up/really slow for about a minute while the windows are flashing. I tried the X7 trial and I see the same issue. I have replaced PC's and my coworker who also uses InstallAware has this exact issue. If InstallAware is closed, we do not have this issue.

I was just curious if anyone else experiences this issue, or if I need to start removing software to find an incompatibility with our default software loads. We are using Windows 10 (1703 and 1709) and have brand new high end quad core i7 desktops with 32GB ram and Nvidia Quatro video card. Had the same exact issue with our couple year old i7s with 16GB ram and built-in Intel HD video cards.

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