How to run a setup within an other setup

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How to run a setup within an other setup

Postby Zero-G. » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:15 am

Hey there
I have the following situation:
There are two programs, which I wrote and deploy side by side with 2 setups.
It can be, that both programs are installed on a single machine but must not.

Now I want a better user experience and check, in the installation file A, if software B is installed and which version of it is installed. And only when the software is installed and also the version is higher, then the installation should run.

Both installations are WebPackges and .exe files. I use Version X7 at the moment.
I found out, that I can check the Registry, if the product code is installed. - But I don't found out, how I can check, which version is installed.
And when the version is less then the new version, then the software should get downloaded from a specific FTP Server and should run the installer.

Is there anybody, who can tell me (in detail) how I can achieve all this things?
THX a lot

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